Being The Church In The Digital Age

"Fishing On The Other Side" by Mark Weible is a guide for churches who want to be more effective at reaching people where they live in the digital and physical worlds.   

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Going Viral With the Gospel

When a message goes viral, it multiplies and spreads rapidly from one source to the next until it saturates a region with its contents.

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SEO For Churches

You can optimize your church website to make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and display information about your church. 

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How to Evangelize Like Jesus

Whenever you have the opportunity to share the gospel with someone, why not ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?"

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Developing Digital Discipleship Pathways

A pathway is a 30,000 foot view of a process. Ideally, each church has at least one process or pathway that is designed to help people progress from non-believer to believer to mature disciple to multiplying leader. Other words for "pathways" include "pipelines" or "funnels".  I prefer to use the word "pathways" because it has a more friendly tone...  


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Fishing On The Other Side: A Guide To Being The Church In The Digital Age

Fishing On The Other Side is about following Jesus and obeying His command to make disciples. Jesus told His first disciples that if they were to follow Him, He would teach them how to fish for people. They already knew how to catch fish, but now they would be catching people with the gospel.

This book has a particular focus on utilizing the technological tools available to churches today to reach people whose lives are shaped by those same tools. In a time when the majority of churches are in a state of decline all over North America and the old tools and techniques of evangelism do not seem to be working as well, it is time that we adjust our techniques and start fishing on the other side. Available at,

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