As many as 90% of our churches are either stuck, struggling, or spiraling towards their death. In the Southern Baptist Convention alone, approximately 900 churches close every year while we only start 600 annually.

Perhaps our world is not that much different from a number of other Christian denominations across the United States. Approximately 80% of our congregations are plateaued, declining, or in a near death mode. Shrinking congregations are often filled with fear, anger, grieving and a sense of loss. Tough questions hang in the air: Where can I find a revitalization coach that is in it for the cause and not for the pay check? Why do these retired ministers try to make money off of dying churches? Can I find a monthly coach that provides solutions over forms and general stuff not designed to renew a church?

Church members and clergy fall into cycles of blame and guilt and a sense of hopelessness. But solutions that are easy and quick (magic bullets) exist only in our imagination.  What today's pastors need are practical just-in-time  solutions and saved advice to renew the church.

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Your First 120 Days in Church Revitalization

Most Revitalization Coaches want to see the pastor start out strong as they begin the work of revitalization. Starting off well in renewal is so very important.Those initial four months can make a church or break  a church in need of renewal. This is a vital launching point for you as the coach to lead them well. Equip yourself with the essentials to help your churches start well in renewal.


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Get the Church Revitalizer Magazine

Revitalization Coaches need a bevy of tools to assist the church in need of revitalization. The Church Revitalizer Magazine is a great way to build ones tool box with 42 of the countries best practitioners contributing to the cause of renewal.


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Renovate offers some initial coaches trainings as online courses. This is a great way to begin developing your tool box as a Revitalization Coach! Try out one of our free online courses to get you started.



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Every month Renovate offers a free resource to those who are part of the Virtual Coaching Network. Join us on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 1:30 EST to ask your questions, be coached by those who work in revitalization,  and receive valuable resources designed to renew your church.

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Become Certified with Renovate 

Want to know if one of your churches is calling a church revitalizer which can successfully turnaround that church? If so have them take the CRA and see if they have the necessary wiring to revitalize the church. Discover in less than 10 minutes if they are a church revitalizer or not! then also attend the December 8-10, 2020 Assessors Training in Orlando and get trained in conducting your own assessments.


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