Recapturing The Generation That Checked Out of Church

April 23, 2020

 Orlando, FL

8:30 a.m - 3:30 pm

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In this workshop, P. Douglas Small...

  • Profiles the Millennial Generation
  • Distinguishes between Builders, Boomers, Busters, and Millennials
  • Reviews the Tension Points
  • Points out the Connection Points
  • Considers our uneasy choices
  • Observes the backdrop of post-modernistic thinking
  • Addresses how we respond

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Give Your Church What It Needs To Reach Future Generations.

Without a spiritual awakening that captures the attention of the Millennials and sees a significant number of them converted and swept into the kingdom of God, and as a result, the entire culture reengaged with the gospel, the current senior generation will pass away leaving Christian churches in the nation virtually empty. Only God can heal the divide and reclaim the current generation!

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Seminar Leader:

P. Douglas Small is a Bible teacher and prayer leader. He has served as a pastor and on the faculty of a number of accredited Bible Colleges. He is an Ordained minister and International Director of Prayer Ministries with the Church of God. He is the founding president of Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY, teaching and training through schools of prayer and consultations for congregations and cities, working with pastors, vocational Christians and intercessors. He is chair of the PCCNA Prayer Commission and a member of the Executive Leadership team of the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network. Doug is married to Barbara Ruth with whom he shares five children and twenty grandchildren.

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