New Online Course: Critical Issues in Church Revitalization and Renewal

In this new online course from the Renovate Virtual Church Revitalization Conference we will deal with the top seven most critical issues facing declining churches. If you get these corrected you have the best chance for turning around a struggling church. It is not a surprise to most church members today that the church of the western hemisphere is in grave trouble. There is danger of church closure all around declining or dying churches. We are living in a day where everything around us is growing except for the majority of us, the church in which we attend. Our last census showed us that America is growing. Our schools are full of children and youth. Even in our colleges and universities the attendance is on the rise. Yet our total church membership is down more than 22%, Sunday School attendance is down 24%, baptisms are down 28%, and the number of those joining the church by ways other than baptism is down 37% over the past fifteen years! It is time for church revitalization and renewal!

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