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Many coaches have the gift of listening and providing the listening ear pastors in church revitalization need. What they lack is the wealth of resources needed to provide the church revitalizer with the just-in-time tools to keep them succeeding. At the heart of every successful church revitalization coach is a strong belief that every pastor is a uniquely valuable servant of the Lord with distinct giftedness and potential for greatness in the realm of revitalization! The Renovate Group helps you uncover the ongoing tools you will need to begin your journey into the coaching of pastors who desire to see their churches revitalized.

Here are some ways we can assist you:

  • Train You As a Church Revitalization Coach (12 Month Commitment)
  • Consider Bringing the Renovate Regional Conference to Your Area
  • Discover How Renovate Can Assist You to Serve Your Churches
  • As a Revitalization Coach Get the Church Revitalizer Magazine FREE
  • Assisting You Individually with Tools Designed for Mapping Out Your Coaching Strategy
  • Become a Revitalization Coaching Partner with the Renovate Coaching Network
  • Schedule an Ongoing Monthly Coaching Conversation with Dr. Cheyney, Founder & Directional Leader of Renovate
  • Get trained as a Church Revitalizer Assessment Assessor

We desire to equip you as a coach in order that you can coach for breakthrough success for the pastor and the local church. Revitalization coaches help pastors and churches develop and grow. We equip you so that you can help the churches achieve their dream of renewal.

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"The Renovate Group was so much more than I expected! So many coaches training groups want you to pay large sums of money for very few takeaways. Their fifteen assessments were pure gold. They gave me the starting place and then proceeded to equip me for the seasons of renewal that every declining church will go through.  They changed the way I looked at the ministry of coaching. Renovate as a wonderful partner.  If you have the responsibility of coaching declining churches towards success, then this is the partner you are seeking. The Coaches Digital Package was the best resource I have ever seen. Their Boot Camp in a Box was my biggest surprise. Who gives fellow coaches so much for so little? Only those who desire to see churches revitalized for the glory of God!"   

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Dr. Tom Cheyney leads Renovate Coaching for Coaches. Tome is the Founder & Directional Leader of the Renovate Group and the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conferences. He is in constant demand across the nation helping pastors learn how to revitalize their churches! Tom's passion is to train up an army of church revitalizers and revitalization coaches across North America. You can reach Tom at [email protected].

Mark Weible provides coaching for church revitalizers and pastors of churches in need of revitalization. Click here for more information on Coaching for pastors. 

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