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Where New and Renew Collide 

Welcome to the first and only bi-monthly video podcast with two practicing church revitalization specialists coming together to talk about church revitalization and renewal. Revitalization Today is a video podcast with Tom Cheyney and Gary Moritz. This podcast is all about where new and renew collide. They are two church revitalizers talking about church revitalization. Tom & Gary are extremely passionate about revitalizing declining churches. They have worked with churches all over North America and continue to encourage and equip the local pastors, leaders, and churches.

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Latest Podcast Episodes (Click to Watch)

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5. Generating Buy-In as a Church Revitalizer Part II

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7. The Heart of a Church Revitalizer

8. Creating Change with Tracy Jaggers

9. Using Easter to Foster Vitality

10. Churches Gone Wild with Ron Smith

11. Church GameChanger with Steve Smith

12. Your First 120 Days with Tom Cheyney

13. Resuscitating Your Gasping Church w Dr. George Thomasson

14. Developing a Restoration Culture in Revitalization with Pete Tackett and Michael Stover

15.Five ways to know that it is time to revive the revitalization focus in the local church with Dr. Desmond Barrett:

16. Why the Passive Church Members are Often More Dangerous.

17. Understanding the Warning Signs of Disastrous Decline with Dr. Steve Sells

18. Carry On: Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal with Gary Moritz

19. Walking the fine line with the passive-aggressive church member

20. Revitalization Lessons Through Revelation's Letters with Dr. Scott Brown

21. Insights from a Veteran Revitalizer with Pastor Tom Downs

22. The passivity that leads to church decline

23. The weight and pace of the post covid pastor in revitalization

24. The Pace of Change in Church Revitalization

25. Top Ten Thankful's in Church Revitalization

26. Building a Strategic Day for Evangelism for Christmas Eve

27. The Number One Habit that Keeps You From Revitalizing Your Church

28. Counting The Cost of Church Revitalization

29. Portable Church with Jessie Reed

30. Critical Mass in Revitalization

31. How to recover after Easter weekend?

32. Stabilizing the course change in church revitalization Part 1 of 3

33. Understanding the Core Value Index Assessment with Micheal Sharp

34. Stabilizing the Course of Change in Church Revitalization Part 2 of 3

35. Stabilizing the Course of Change in Church Revitalization Part 3 of 3

36. Signs you may need a break in Church Revitalization

37. Before it all comes crashing down (Part 1)

38. Warning Flags That Signal Your Church (Part 2, part of Before It All Comes Crashing Down)


Tom Cheyney

Tom Cheyney

Dr. Tom Cheyney is a nationally recognized conference leader in Church Revitalization, Church Planting, and Church Health. 

More about Tom
Gary Moritz

Gary Moritz 

Dr. Gary Moritz is the lead pastor of City United Church, located in Lunenburg, MA. Pastor Gary is a 1st generation Christian who is a “down-to-earth communicator, futurist, and visionary.

More About Gary

Dr. Gary Moritz is the lead pastor of City United Church, located in Lunenburg, MA. With a church Replanter mindset, the Lord called him and his family to New England in 2013 to take over a struggling church through a succession situation resulting in revitalization and replanting. Pastor Gary is a 1st generation Christian who is a down-to-earth communicator, futurist, and visionary. He believes in speaking the Bible correctly without apology in a life-giving and practical way so that people can apply it to their lives. His vision is for people to leave church feeling encouraged, engaged, and equipped for the week. Since he did not grow up in church, he can use his past mistakes to reach others in their current situations and speak their cultural language. Gary is married to Jana who is working alongside him in church revitalization and building strategy. They have two amazing daughters who are just awesome. You can find more about him at

He is a subject matter expert on church revitalization and serves as an Assistant professor in the Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University. He is Director of Church Revitalization for the Baptist Churches of New England. His creative talents are in media, art, writing, music, production, church revitalization, church, pastoral succession, church systems, church turnaround, and church planting. He is the author of Carry On: Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal.

One Interesting Fact: Gary played as a professional, freelanced, and endorsed percussionist in NYC and toured in the USMC band. He loves music and still plays drums today.

One Useless Fact: He used to eat pop tarts on his walk to high school in the ’90s (mullet, Walkman with built-in auto-reverse) wearing acid-washed pants with chains and skulls on them and his favorite hair band concert shirt. 

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Dr. Tom Cheyney is a nationally recognized conference leader in Church Revitalization, Church Planting, and Church Health. Tom has taught on five continents and is an Oxford University Distinguished Scholars Student from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is married to Cheryl and they have two adult children Ashleigh and Drew. He is the Founder & Directional Leader of the RENOVATE National Church Revitalization Conferences and leader of the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network where he mentors pastors, churches, and Directors of Missions in Church Revitalization and Renewal. Dr. Cheyney has written over 5000 print or audio resources, guidebooks, or books for pastors, church planters, and lay leaders. His most recent books include:

The Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization and Renewal (2016), Slaying the Dragons of Church Revitalization: Dealing with the Critical Issues that are Hurting Your Church (2017), The Church Revitalizer as Change Agent (2016), The Nuts and Bolts of Church Revitalization (2015), Preaching Towards Church Revitalization and Renewal (2018), Thirty-Eight Church Revitalization Models for the Twenty First Century (2014), Church Revitalization in Rural America: Revitalizing the Heartlands (2018), Spin-Off Churches: How One Church Plants Another (2008), Life After Death: A Strategy to Bring New Life to a Dead Church (2019), Your First 120 Days In Church Revitalization And Renewal (2020) When It All Comes Crashing Down (2022).

Tom is a nationally recognized conference speaker and a frequent writer on church revitalization, church planting, new church health, and leadership development. Cheyney serves as an adjunct professor of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City and Anderson University in South Carolina where he teaches at the doctoral level for Church Revitalization seminars.

One Interesting Fact: Tom loves to go kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean fishing a few miles off shore in hopes of catching a shark or other sea creatures he can prepare for dinner. Recently, he had a run in with a shark that would not leave him alone until he dumped his whole bucket of bait shrimp over board.

One Useless Fact: Tom is an early riser daily at a few minutes after four. Yet he is known to be found praying on the sofa recliner each which his wife believes he is napping. The debate continues.

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