From Conversation to Conversion

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In Fishing On The Other Side, I talk about putting together a digital outreach team with the responsibility of engaging church website visitors and social media contacts in online conversations that lead to face-to-face encounters with gospel sharing people. These encounters can happen in your church's small groups, worship services and special events. In this process, we are looking for the plentiful harvest that Jesus talks about in Matthew 9:37.  These are people who know that they need God in their life and are open to being guided to Christ. 

Online conversations can happen most easily on social media platforms where people like, share and comment on content. Conversations can also happen on church websites. An effective church website is one that encourages conversations that lead to relationships. When web content is written in a way that encourages interaction, conversations are more likely. If your team views the church website merely as a place to post information, then conversation is stifled. Bear in mind that a person’s first interaction with your church may be due to an internet search which lands them on a random page of your church website and not necessarily the home page. The challenge for your team is to create content that fosters conversation and to be creative in how that conversation can take place. Website visitors can be encouraged to email a contact person for more information, complete an online form, sign up for a newsletter subscription, download a document, join a social media group, comment on a blog post or even call the church office. Remember that communication is a two-way process, so be sure to allow for and encourage online conversations in any way that you can.

In the digital age, we have numerous opportunities to evangelize and disciple new people in very personal ways. 


Mark Weible serves as the Strategic Director of Renovation National Church Revitalization Conference, Director of Church Planting for Greater Orlando Baptist Association and Directional Leader for Mark is an experienced Search Engine Optimizer and Google Advertising Professional. 

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