Why You Should Join Renovate Virtual Coaching Network

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If your church has plateaued, is in decline, or is not moving forward as quickly as you wish the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network is just what you are looking for. This Revitalization Coaching Network is designed to help you and your revitalization team develop a successful 18 month plan to increase church attendance, develop new people for ministry, impact community, solidify finances, become more missional, develop new ministries and deepen the making of disciples within your church renewal effort.

We invite you to join the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network and become part of our next Telephone and Webinar Church Revitalization Coaching Network.

This Church Revitalization Coaching Network is based on the methodologies and strategies Ron and I have used over the last twenty years to successfully coach over three thousand Church Revitalizers in all sorts of settings, situations, and sizes from almost every denominational background.

Now there is the perfect Church Revitalization Coaching Network for those pastors, staff, and lay leaders with a desire to see their church get healthy once again. In a day where most churches are struggling with plateau and decline, if you have the longing to see your church grow while you are growing individually as a church revitalizer and you have a willingness to invest the time as well as the necessary energy to journey with the Lord God in seeing this happen, then this opportunity is for you!

I guarantee that if you are accepted into this upcoming years session of the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network, it will be worth your time and investment!


If you desire to apply now for the next  RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network contact us at Coaching@renovateconference.org  and ask for information on how to apply for the next Church Revitalization Coaching Network cohort. We are receiving and reviewing applications of churches and potential Church Revitalizers right now. Get your place reserved for coaching and training. We have received such a great response to this coaching network than we ever imagined so please take advantage of this incredible opportunity for coaching by some of the nations leaders in Church Revitalization and Renewal. Apply today!

Consider what you want your own church to be a year form now! See a day where you are beginning to see the glimpses of a new turnaround within your church and the revitalization of a once stagnant or dying ministry now full of vibrant energy and healthy growth. Contemplate about what your ministry would look like if in the next 1,000 days it grew from its ground zero 25%. Imagine a 35% growth injection within your ministry as a result of deliberate effort towards church revitalization and renewal. I know we cannot promise that for every church because some are simply unwilling to make the changes necessary for the church to become healthy once more, yet over the last fifteen years we have seen church after church become healthy and begin exploding with growth. The need for church revitalization and renewal has never been greater. In our country there are 177,000+ churches in plateau or rapid decline.

Additionally, the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network is not a quick fix meeting but an ongoing relationship with pastors and a group of individuals the lead pastor deems as part of the process. It is not a mass workshop that while some might find various parts helpful the masses might miss out on handling their real needs that can get the church growing again.

What Will I Receive As Part of the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network?

Concisely stated: You and your group of predetermined church leaders will receive every church revitalization and renewal principle, methodology I know as well as every Church Revitalization Resource I have developed over the last twenty five years to help churches implement each revitalization lesson or principle. By journeying together in a planned pattern it will not become overwhelming because everything will be delivered in manageable amounts over the course of a year. Those churches which continue with me over the course of the entire revitalization journey will be better prepared to not only grow their individual church but will be able to assist others in their church renewal efforts as well.

Here is our current list of RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Networkresources you will receive:

Monthly coaching from Ron, Tom, and the folks at the Church Revitalization Coaching Network and RenovateConference.org.

Over $700 in free resources from RCRCN!

Unlimited access to Drs. Ron Smith & Tom Cheyney and the folks at the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network.

MP3s of forums and seminars to review at your leisure with your key church leaders.

Free attendance at RCRCN Webinars!

Private weekly call-in times to speak with Ron and have your questions answered in more detail.

Special access and reduced rates at the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference.

 Let us know if you have any questions or email us at Coaching@RenovateConference.org.