Raising Up an Army of Church Revitalization Leaders for Your Churches!

Denomination Leaders Who Work on Revitalization. 

The Renovate Group works with Denomination Leaders from all evangelical entities in training, equipping, resourcing, and mapping out a long term strategy for raising up an army of church revitalization pastors to help restore the local church to all its glory. We focus on resourcing the denominational leaders with an array of tools via the Renovate Virtual Conference where you can pick and choose from thousands of resources designed to assist the local church in its time of need. Our Just-In-Time Resourcing for the Denomination Leader allows them to have what they need so they have the opportunity to influence the local pastor and laity in one of their churches. Here are a few ways for you to begin connecting with the Renovate Group and the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conferences:

  • Register for a Renovate Conference
  • Take the Church Revitalizer's Assessor’s training & certification
  • Get The Church Revitalizer Magazine for your entire group at a reduced price
  • Take an online course on Resources Available to Help in Your Coaching
  • Bring a Renovate Regional Conference to Your Area
  • Get the Renovate Virtual Conference and Begin Utilizing these Resources with Your Churches 


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Renovate continues to discover, develop, and deploy church revitalizers who have a passion to see churches reaching communities for the Lord Jesus Christ. The Renovate Group has been your “Go-To” partner since 1997 in the field of church revitalization and the renewing of churches. New from The Renovate Group is the Church Revitalizer Top Performance Profile Assessment. CRTPPA has been developed for local churches, associations, districts entities, and denominations to qualify candidates for their potential success in turning a church around through revitalization and renewal. Most of these groups really do not have financial resources to squander so pre-qualifying candidates is essential. This Core Values Index (CVI) decreases the cost of hiring unqualified pastors that would deplete the necessary funds for the revitalization of a declining church. It aligns these candidates with the tasks and jobs that are required to restart and revitalize a church. By discovering the skills, talents, and com- petencies of these candidates you can discover the likelihood of success in the revitalization of a church. Groups that have limited funds to invest in revitalization need to discover and deploy only the best performers in the Church Revitalizer Top Performance Profile Assessment.

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Dr. Tom Cheyney is the Founder & Directional Leader of the Renovate Group and the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conferences. He is in constant demand across the nation helping pastors, coaches, and denominational leadership learn how to revitalize their churches! Tom's passion is to train up an army of church revitalizers and revitalization coaches across North America.

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Attend the Church Revitalization Assessors Training December 8-10, 2020!

It is important that denominational leaders and district supervisors obtain the necessary skill sets to aid in the revitalizing of churches. One of the most important is learning how to assess potential revitalization pastors and discern top performance candidates for the work. That is where the Assessors Training comes in. To inquirer about and registering for this training click here.

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Schedule a Renovate Regional Conference in Your Region

Originally in 1997 until the end of 2017 The Renovate Group hosted only one national conference annually. Then in 2018 we began offering a two day regional conference with denominational partners throughout the country. Each year we partner with 5 to 8 district or denominational leaders to bring the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conferences to their areas. If you would like to consider bringing conference to your group or region contact us at: [email protected]

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Allow Us to Assist You in Training Your Leaders for Revitalization Mentoring

The Renovate Group comes along side many district and national denominational leaders for the purpose of discovering, developing, and deploying leaders who will become strategically vital to the revitalization of their denominations future church revitalizers. We have trained future coaches for national agencies as well as regional ones. Contact today to inquirer more about having Renovate partner with your organization.

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